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Festival Del Mar

Posted by Digital Elements on September 25, 2022

Festival Del Mar provides you with the opportunity to celebrate the islands love for the sea. The island has a long history of the sea and it goes back hundreds of years. Boat racing is our national sport and our islands first love, when you speak about Anguilla you speak about boat racing.

The festival is held all day on the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend so there is enough time for you to come and bask in the atmosphere.

At the festival there is food, live music and boatracing. The food starts serving at around 10am and depending on what your choice is there are a variety of different foods like lobster, johnny cakes, shark, fried fish and almost everything from the sea. If you aren’t really a fan of sea food there still will definitely be something for you there.

Come and relax in the cool sea breeze and join in with some of the locals in an exciting game of dominoes. Take a relaxing walk along the sandy beach while taking a look at all of the festival activities. Grab a souvenir to remember your day at the event and keep a memory for a lifetime. You can also shake a leg when the scratch band strikes up.

There are also many events that take place such as sunfish racing, deep sea fishing contest and much more. The place really begins to come alive as the day continues with the place becoming flooded with locals and tourists alike.

From the wonderful colors of the sails of the boats whisking by to the steel pan music playing there is enough to keep you entertained for the whole day. Fresh fish in the hands of fishermen stepping onto the wharf from their boats ensures that there is enough for everyone to enjoy. As the sun goes down live musical performances keep you entertained way past midnight.

There are enough experiences at the Festival Del Mar to give you a taste of Anguilla’s culture. If you are traveling to Anguilla or if you have been coming for a while and you have not been to this festival then you definitely have to include it in your next visit. There is enough to make the experience memorable for you and your family. Come and enjoy the sea and culture at Anguilla’s Festival Del Mar we know you will not regret it.

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